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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#DIY Happy Spring Banner For Easter

For Easter I decided to make 
this banner, Happy Spring!!!!

A spool of 4" burlap ribbon
A piece of white paper to make your pattern
Measuring tape or ruler
Heat n Bond
 2" Letter stencils/ 3" Circle 
Fabric scraps (I used 6 different colors)
Black Fabric
Sewing Machine

I used this spool of burlap 
ribbon I purchased on sale at 
Hobby Lobby for $3.40. It's from 
the Robert Stanley Collection.  
 I was going to use the ribbon 
for a baby shower. Instead, I'm 
using it for my banner.

The ribbon is 4 inches wide.

I made a pattern, cutting the 
length 7 inches and the width 4 inches 
(7" L x 4" W)
Mark the center width, 2 inches.
To make the peaks I measured 
1 inch from one end of the pattern 
center and drew lines to each 
edge to make the points.

On the other end I folded the 
edge under 1/2 inch. I cut 12 pieces.
Five for "Happy," and six for "Spring, 
and one for the center space, to 
divide each word.

I gathered up some fabric from 
my stash, I also used black 
fabric. Not shown below.

Pick out some stencils to the size 
and shape you desire.  My 
letters are 2 inches in length, 
width varies according to
each letter.

You'll need some Heat n Bond.

Draw your letters on the smooth side of the Heat n Bond.  
Remember to reverse your letters!!

Follow manufacturer instructions. Press to the wrong side of fabric with a hot iron.  
I used a different fabric for each letter.

Cut around letter.

Then cut around drawn line.

Remove paper to reveal sticky 
film.  Repeat for each letter.

And repeat for each black circles.  Make 11.

I then placed a circle onto the 
burlap ribbon, and then pressed
 the letter on to the circle
 with a hot iron.  Repeat.

I measured my ribbon according to the designed length.  I cut mine 80 
inches, but then realized I 
wanted my banner longer.  So,
 I just added an extra loop
 on either side.  I used a purple 
sheer ribbon that was 5/8 inch 
wide.  Place the ribbon on the 
back side and insert 
under the folded edge and pin.   

When you are happy with the placement, take your banner and sew 1/8 inch on the top edge.

I then made a second sewing stitch 
by placing my presser foot on 
the edge of the first 
sewing line as shown.

On the ends of the ribbon I made 
loops so that I could
 hang my banner.
(Sorry I have no photo.)

He is Risen

Matthew 28:1-10

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