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Thursday, April 16, 2015

#Organize Your Fabric Without It Getting Expensive

With all the fabric you own there is 
a way to organize your fabric 
without spending any 
money!  Yup, no money!  

Besides, a tape measure, a cutter, some tape (I used masking tape), a pen or marker and a piece of sturdy cardboard that measures at least 8" x 11".

Let's get started.

I measured 5 inches across the width
 of the card board. Draw a line
 down, look at photo below.
The remaining width equals 3".  
Measure down 6-1/2 inches and mark line.

You will have one piece measuring 5" x 11", and the other piece will measure 
5" x 6-1/2".  Look at photo below. 

Measure the width and length
 of your piece of fabric.  Any piece of fabric that measures less than 15 inches in length can be folded using the
3" x 6 1/2" piece of cardboard. The piece below measures 9" x 30".

Place the small cardboard on the wrong side of fabric.  Match the edge of 
the fabric with the edge
 of the cardboard and fold length of fabric over as shown below.

Fold short edge over.  I normally don't 
place a piece of tape there.  The fabric would not stay folded while I was taking the picture, so I taped it down.

Continue to fold the fabric snug 
a round the cardboard but not tight!

When I reached the end, I simply 
tucked it under to give 
it a nice finish.

Write down the measurement of the 
fabric on to the piece of tape.
This steps helps you know if you
 will have enough fabric for that 
project you're working on 
without having to unfold it. 
*Awesome time saver.

Remove the cardboard, so that 
you can reuse it.

Continue to fold your smaller fabrics. 

 Repeat steps for your larger pieces of fabric.

Store your fabric by color, my 
designer, or both. You can even 
group all your vintage fabrics together,
all your children prints together and group
your solids together.

This is how I organize my fabric.  
It's been great for me. Measuring out 
each piece of fabric does take
time, but I can look at it and
know whether or not I have 
enough for my project.

 I store my fabric in my closet, away from 
light, and I don't get a lot of dust
 bunnies on my fabric either. 

I hope you
give this a try and let
 me know how it works for you.

1 Corinthians 14:40

But all things should be done decently
and in order.


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