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Monday, December 28, 2015

My Best 2015 Post and Future Goals

Reviewing my best 2015 post -

Upon it's closing, 2015, as been 
quite a year.  It's been full 
of challenges, set backs and 
adventures that have stretched
 me in more good ways then bad.

I'm definitely blessed to
have made some friends!  

Looking back and reviewing
my best 5 post which are:


These two posts are a Sew Along from  
one of my favorite local quilt
 shops.  The sew along is still going on 
so you will see more of these in 2016.  These
are from Farm Girl Vintage Book by Lori Holt.

was rated by third best post!  This block,
 Dog Gone Cute
#dgcqal quilt pattern by Lorna
 from Sew Fresh Quilts,
was made several times.  Those that
received this block just adored it. 

I made this log cabin quilt for a
 family member! Both my husband and I
 stayed in their guest house.
They of course live in a log cabin home! 

My garden card rated fifth!  I needed
 a simple gift
card for a friend and what 
better way then to use
what you have in your own garden!

I hope you will take the time to visit 
any of the post mentioned 
above if you haven't already.  

What about 2016?  

Upon reviewing the past
 year and looking 
forward to 2016, 
My most important goal
is  definitely needing  to be a
little more organized, marking
 dates on my calendar!!

I hope to be more creative and design 
some of my very own projects!

I believe I will be sharing some of my 
other creations through my cakes
 and cookies I bake!

I plan to continue to participate 
in sew alongs, 
challenges and other events that 
will allow me to
grow and learn which I love to do. 

More book reviews, pattern testing, 
and possibly blog project reviews.

I know it seems like a large order, 
but why not think big.  I work
full time besides writing my blog
 and at times it can be difficult, 
but I truly enjoy it all!

Here are some quilt alongs I plan on taking part in!

2016 Planning Party

Pattern Writing Blog Series

 Pattern Writing with Cheryl of Meadow Mist Design

Thank you for stopping by!
May you all have a blessed 2016!!!!

 Happy New Year from my house to yours!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Thoughts 2015

A friend shared this on Facebook
and I would like to share it 
to all of you because I
know that the holidays can be
hard, stressful, lonely, over-
whelming and sad.
  It is important to remember 
that not everyone is looking 
forward to Christmas. Some people
 are not surrounded by large 
wonderful families. Some of 
us have problems during the 
holidays and are overcome 
with great sadness when we 
remember those loved ones who 
are not with us. For many 
it is their first Christmas 
without a particular loved 
one and many others lost 
loved ones at Christmas. And,
 many people have no one to spend 
these times with and are besieged by 
loneliness. We all need 
caring, loving thoughts right 
now. Remember those in retail, those
caring for people in hospitals, and
those that just have to work
or are away serving our country.  
 Be kind and mindful to give a moment of 
support to all those who have
family problems, health 
struggles, job issues, worries 
of any kind and just need to
 know that someone cares. Do 
it for all of us, for nobody 
is immune.  

Merry Christmas!!!

John 13:34
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have
 loved you, so you must love one another.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mug Rugs

I haven't posted much lately, 
sad! However, I've been
 busy doing things.  Recently, 
I've made a couple Dog Gone 
Cute mug rugs using   
pattern. #dgcqal

I just love this pattern! I made 
two of the smaller blocks
 and added a strip of white to 
embroider the names of 
these two cute pet's name!

Quilted around these cute
faces and zigzagged 
the binding!

Simple, yet cute!
I plan on making a whole
litter of them too!

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Charm Packs

Ordered some new Charm packs
from the Fat Quarter Shop
with my $50 gift card!!!
You can place your 
order here too!!

Can't wait to open 
up these sweet packs
and start creating!!!!

     Not only did I get four packs but six!!

       Ooooh la la!!!

       I'd like to take this time
             and wish each and every one 
      of you a Blessed and
      Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

       Thank you all for
        stopping by!! hugs

         Here are some Thanksgiving 
        quilt ideas on my 
        Pinterest Board here

    Philippians 4:13


          I can do all things
          through Christ which
          strengtheneth me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tiny Quilts 2

I've been so busy with family and friends!  But not to busy to make a few more tiny quilts!!!!

Here are a few of those I have 
made. Aren't they cute!

These quilt patterns are from
the Temecula Quilt Company. 
The book is called, "T for Tiny."

Make sure to check it out!

When making tiny quilts it is best
to chain sew your blocks.

Don't forget to press your seams!

Once I've sandwiched by quilt 
together, backing (wrong side up),
bating is next, and finally
the quilt top ( right side up), I
pinned the layers together
with sewing pins. Just a few
pins here and there.

Next I used some of my favorite 
machine decorative stitches to
machine quilt these tiny quilts.

Bind your quilt.  Don't forget 
to finish your quilt with a
label!  Simple simple! 

If you'd like to check my first 
tiny quilt here.  It's
another one from the book!

Thank you for stopping by!

2 Corinthians 13:11

And the God of love and peace will be with you... Encourage
each other.  Live in harmony and peace.  Then the God
of love and peace will be with you...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Book Review - 3 Times The Charm!

Some of my neighborhood quilt shops 
take part in a quilt run twice a year.
Once in the fall (Reindeer Dash) and another
 in the spring (Spring Fling).  

On the first stop you pick up your
passport which you have stamped 
upon arriving at each shop you visit. 
You than receive a
free pattern along with a fat- 
quarter. Below are some of the fat-
quarters I received with a
few I purchased.

I decided I wanted to work on these 
fabrics.  One of the many 
  fat quarters I have collected on 
these runs.  I choose not
to use one of the patterns I 
received.  Instead, I picked one
 out of the book, "3 times the charm!
Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson.

 I choose the pattern named,
 "bertha," in the book.

This book is wonderful!  It gives
a total of seven quick and
easy designs with three looks
for each design! That's right
"3 times the charm, 21 looks!

The instructions are easy
to understand and you get
full pictures of all the
quilts made three times.
General instructions from selecting
 fabrics to preparing, cutting,
 piecing, pressing 
and quilting are all included 
in this 40 page book.

 Here you get a look at what I 
have chosen and made
with the christmas fabric 
I've collected!

The book is made to use 5"
charm packs.  As you can
see I didn't!

 My quilt label was sewn with my 
embroidery sewing machine!

My finished quilt!  I just love it!
In time for Christmas!!!

Quilts in this book range 
from 19-3/4"" to 42-3/4".

I give this #bookreview
5 buttons 

Of course you can make these quilts 
smaller by removing a row of
quilt blocks or enlarging
the quilts by adding more
blocks and/or adding an extra

Thank you for stopping by!

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things
through Christ which
 strengtheneth me. 


Monday, October 12, 2015

Tiny (Tim) Quilt

Recently, I've been interested in 
making some tiny quilts.  These #tiny
 #quilts would add a splash of 
color to my already  adorable 
 sewing machines 
I have displayed around the house.

I was hoping to finish up a few of
these cute quilts, but was only able
to get one completed.

I purchased the pattern 
The small book is called T for Tiny
and you get a total 
of six quilts.

I used scraps from my stash.  
Cut, marked and

assembled my blocks.  A total
of twelve blocks. T for Tiny
was the name of the block
used in the book, but while sewing
I decided to name it T for Tiny Tim,
after my youngest son.  

Attached by blocks

Sandwiched my Tiny Tim quilt.

Here's the back of my tiny quilt.

Sewed the binding and attached a

label to the back of my quilt.

Here you have it. An adorable
 quilt displayed with my 
antique sewing machine.

A note of caution!  While making
this quilt, I did have to adjust 
the pattern some.  My finished
quilt measures 10-1/2" x 13". In
the book it measured 8-3/4" x 11".

I don't know about the other quilts
in the book.  I do plan on making 
more.  You do get a total of six
quilt patterns in the book.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things
through Christ which
 strengtheneth me.