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Monday, December 28, 2015

My Best 2015 Post and Future Goals

Reviewing my best 2015 post -

Upon it's closing, 2015, as been 
quite a year.  It's been full 
of challenges, set backs and 
adventures that have stretched
 me in more good ways then bad.

I'm definitely blessed to
have made some friends!  

Looking back and reviewing
my best 5 post which are:


These two posts are a Sew Along from  
one of my favorite local quilt
 shops.  The sew along is still going on 
so you will see more of these in 2016.  These
are from Farm Girl Vintage Book by Lori Holt.

was rated by third best post!  This block,
 Dog Gone Cute
#dgcqal quilt pattern by Lorna
 from Sew Fresh Quilts,
was made several times.  Those that
received this block just adored it. 

I made this log cabin quilt for a
 family member! Both my husband and I
 stayed in their guest house.
They of course live in a log cabin home! 

My garden card rated fifth!  I needed
 a simple gift
card for a friend and what 
better way then to use
what you have in your own garden!

I hope you will take the time to visit 
any of the post mentioned 
above if you haven't already.  

What about 2016?  

Upon reviewing the past
 year and looking 
forward to 2016, 
My most important goal
is  definitely needing  to be a
little more organized, marking
 dates on my calendar!!

I hope to be more creative and design 
some of my very own projects!

I believe I will be sharing some of my 
other creations through my cakes
 and cookies I bake!

I plan to continue to participate 
in sew alongs, 
challenges and other events that 
will allow me to
grow and learn which I love to do. 

More book reviews, pattern testing, 
and possibly blog project reviews.

I know it seems like a large order, 
but why not think big.  I work
full time besides writing my blog
 and at times it can be difficult, 
but I truly enjoy it all!

Here are some quilt alongs I plan on taking part in!

2016 Planning Party

Pattern Writing Blog Series

 Pattern Writing with Cheryl of Meadow Mist Design

Thank you for stopping by!
May you all have a blessed 2016!!!!

 Happy New Year from my house to yours!!!


Quilts By Laurel said...

Loved your choices! I made a Farm Girl Vintage quilt and a Dog Gone Cute quilt too! :)

inchworming said...

Thank you Laurel! I remember seeing your Dog Gone Cute quilt. I believe you were one of the winners! Congratulations!

Cheryl said...

Great blocks, I love the contrast in colors you used, thanks for linking up!

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Why not dream big indeed! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your 2015 in review; Cheryl's linkup does seem like the perfect compliment for planning ahead. I hope that you have a joyous 2016 full of quilting fun. :)

Quilty said...

Cute blocks! Love your selection

Mary Marcotte said...

I've been reading about and considering Cheryl's Pattern Writing series, so I may see you there. I think there's an old Southern saying about dreaming small is the first mistake. Maybe it's just something my folks would say, regardless it meant the first step is to dream big and give yourself a chance. (I haven't thought of that phrase in a long time.)

Your pieces are lovely! Have a wonderful 2016!

Deb in CT said...

I love what you have shared, and your goals! I need to learn how to post here, as I am use to Facebook. You are inspirational!