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Monday, December 31, 2018

Choose A Goal, Choose A Plan and Start!

Christmas is over and it's time to think about 
the new year!  I've been so excited about planning 
more for 2019!  I'd love to work on my blog again
 and get organized a bit better.  Get healthy,
 practice my lettering, be more creative.  
Also, spend more time with family, praying 
and digging deeper in my walk with Jesus. 
I just want much more for 2019!

I believe we all do! Tired of staying in the 
same place.  Feeling unaccomplished is not what
 I want to be feeling and I'm sure all you out 
there want that also.

So this year I'm going to purchase a planner or 
planners to track my goals, my thoughts and 
accomplishments.  Update the way I track 
those things that are important to me.

A few month back I did purchase a bullet notebook
 to see if that was something I would enjoy doing.
It was and it wasn't.  With a bullet notebook,
 I found I had to draw in my calendars, any 
tracking charts I wanted to use.  If I was 
taking notes on a book or books, I had to 
decide how many blank pages I needed in between
 for each book I was reading.   I didn't know how
 many pages I would need for the month.   This type
 of planner was to time consuming, for me 
and it stressed me out!  A lot of you out 
there may just love the bullet

The positives for a bullet notebook were, 
I could carry it in my purse. It was 
great taking notes of my thoughts and ideas.  
Then I could transfer those notes or ideas
 into my planner neatly.  I could doodle
 and be creative while waiting at the doctor's
 office.  Yes, I could use any other type 
of note pad with or without lines, but the
 bullet planner is great for practicing your
 lettering.  The dots helped  keep my 
letters uniformed which I really love!

I do much better with an actually Calendar planner.
I hope to use more stickers, use some of my rubber
stamps and use more creative lettering. 

I do believe we all need at least one goal.  
If not 2 or 3.  This is my thought process and 
I'm just going to share it.  Say I want to lose 
weigh, (which I do),  make healthy choices and
 change a few things about myself, maybe a new
 hairdo, try out some new makeup looks.    
I do want to work on getting closer to 
God by reading and studying the 
bible, praying more. 

One goal would be to lose weigh! 
 I need to decide how many pounds I would like 
to lose and how much I hope to lose in a
 certain amount of time.
 If I want to lose 15 pounds, (I believe 
I can lose 5 pounds per month or every 4 
weeks).  How long will that take me to
 lose, 3 months. This does  
  not sound to crazy to me.  It seems reasonable.

(15 pounds to lose) divided by 
(5 pounds
 to lose within the month or every 4 weeks) = 
  3 (months or 12 weeks).   
So in three month I can reach my goal.

That sounds great, but we  still need time
 to plan out our meals, plan out which 
diet plan we want to follow like the
 Ketogenic, Weight Watchers,  Jenny Craig,
 Atkins, Zone Diet, etc. There are so 
many different diets out there. 
Choose one!

Make sure you break each goal down like the example 
I have below to lose weight.

 Before you start, you need  to plan a day to get 
your grocery list together.

 1. Decide how much weight you want to lose 
    and how long it will approximately take you.

 2. Write your start date and your finished date on 
    your calendar.   

 3. Plan your meals, and write out a grocery list

 4. Take a day to clean out some of those items that will stubble 
    your diet.  Left over cookies, toss ice cream tub you know is
    bad for you, etc.

 5. Write your start date and your finished date on your calendar.

 6. Do you plan on exercising? Decide what will really work for you 
    3x a week or maybe it's 5 times week.  Make it reasonable and
    realist! Start slow and check with your doctor if necessary.

 7. Write out your exercise days on your calendar.

 8. It's time to go shopping for those foods you will need for the

 9. Get your meals ready for the next day and now you're ready for
    your very first day of getting healthy!

10. Track your results!

   Other Goal Ideas to track/journal:

Eat Clean
  Cut Sugar Out
   Drink More Water
   New Hair Style
   New Style of Dressing
    New Make Up Looks
   Be Kind To Yourself (I will
not think negatively about myself!)
   Build Better Relationships
  Grow Spiritually 
   Start Your Own Business
   Plan Out Your Time  
   Keep Up With My Chores
   Organize and Declutter
 Read More
  Join a Group
   Learn Something New
Save Money
Cut Your Debit
Spend More Time with Family
Sleep More
Plan and Maintain A Garden

There are so many areas we can focus our attention on! Most 
of us what to improve ourselves and we want
to get things done in one way or another. So don't
over complicate it and overdue it with too many goals. Break
down each goal. Record in your journal, planner and track 
your results!

I've listed only a few ideas! Decide on which 
goal you really want in 2019.  Choose your planner 
and start planning! Make things happen! 


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Late Night Sewing

When you can't sleep, what's
 one to do!  Quilt!!! 

Well, I pulled out some of my 
scraps and decided to sew a 
mini scrappy house quilt!
Pattern is from the book, Mini 
Quilts by Cluck Cluck Sew.  
I see myself making every mini 
quilt in the book.  Great book.  

Normally, I wouldn't put some 
of these fabrics together, but 
after all that's what a scrappy 
quilt is all about! Besides, 
I can't sleep and 
I can't think
straight.  It will all
work out! 

Once I sewn the top of the quilt, 
I decided to practice my straight 
stitch quilting.  Same stitch but 
in different directions.  
The quilt isn't finished. 
I must call it a day.  
Time to get ready 
to work my other eight hour job!  
Can I just keep quilting, 
Having to much fun!

I'm exciting about getting it
done. On my next post I'll reveal
the finished quilt!

Proverbs 15:16 

Better to have little, with fear for the Lord,
than to have great treasure and inner turmoil!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm Back


It's been almost a year and a half since my last  
blog!  Crazy how time flies!  I
really can't believe it's been that long. It's time
to catch up on what's been going on! I'm back!

 During that time I entered into new ventures.  
I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics now.  I may share
from time to time what it offers, but, not today.
I'm in a bible study which meets once a month.  Yes,
once a month.  I now belong to a quilting quild. 
I'm still crazy busy.  

 I have missed writing and creating for my blog.  
   Taking a little more than a year off my blog
has actually helped me to sort out what's 
important in life, for me. 

It's a work in progress!  I have found that
making goals is important and having dead lines 
is necessary in certain situations, but not all.

I've decluttered a lot of areas in my home. 
Working at it has been a slow progress. 
Deciding to declutter an area more than 
once does get easier. So 
much more to do.

 I have an amazing sewing room with loads of 
fabric, materials for clothes as well as beads, 
paints, gules, and more to keep me busy for a 
long time without going out and spending 
money on stuff I already have. This doesn't 
mean I won't purchase anything new.  I don't
 feel I need to compete with other 
bloggers.  I just need to be me.
and share what's on my heart when I can. 

 So I'm encouraging each one of you to love yourself 
where ever you're at in life.  All of us 
 are different.   

When we fail at something we have choices!


Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!

Monday, January 25, 2016

#Mini Quilt Challenge

Here's my finished quilt for the 
Making It Fun Mini Quilt Challenge! 
Check out the challenge here:

I had so much fun making this mini
 quilt!  It was created using all
 Michael Miller fabric!!  
It was hard deciding on which
 fabric to use.  So cute and fun!

Here's the backing!

I did a mixture of waves and 
straight lines to quilt the top.

It does measure 19" x 19"!

I decided to quilt the fish in 
black thread.  This defined the
fish and made them pop!   

These are the fabrics I used!!
All Michael Miller Fabrics!

#mmfMini and #EQ25


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just Goofing Around With Numbers!

I came across my pad of 
graph paper while putting 
some books away.

 I decided to goof around 
drawing some numbers.
The best part was I actually 
figured out the cutting 
So far I've only sewn the
 numbers 2-0-1-6!

I have always had a desire to 
sew numbers but, thought of it as
difficult. It really was not 
hard at all.

Using up my scraps!

Once I sew a few more blocks
and get them down, I will
 share them with 
you so you can make 
your own.

I've also been reading other blogs. 
Reading all about their
 goals.  By doing this I've
 actually have added some
new goals to my list.

I've decided to do some
sew alongs so you'll see
them on my next blog. I'll
be grabbing their buttons
and posting the results soon!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage Blocks (13-18) Part 3


Getting my sewing on with once again Farm Girl Vintage blocks by Lori 
Holt!  Six more blocks!  

Egg Basket Block

Farm Fresh Flower Block

Farmhouse Block

Feed and Seed Block

this one was 

Fresh Pears Block

Furrows Block

Check out my 
other blocks 


 I am so excited to share that I won second and will
be receiving my Weekly Photo Calendar very soon 
in the mail!!  I can't wait!!

Thank you Yvonne for hosting this giveaway!!!

Check out her blog by clicking below!!

Psalms 143:5

I remember the days of old;
 I meditate on all that you have done; 
I ponder the work of your hands.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

When Things Go Wrong - Use Your Seam Ripper

Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to 2016!  
I know, I know, and I know that 
everyday is a new day, but for 
some reason when that number
 changes, introducing the 
New Year, it's a Big deal.  
There is something about it that 
makes us gear up to new resolutions,
 new goals, and new beginnings.

I need a lot of new beginnings 
and start overs.  So here I am 
to welcome 2016.  The last days
 of the year were used to remove 
all Christmas decorations and
 store them away!  It feels real
 good to have my living 
space cleaned for the New Year.

  Sure there is much more left to
 do, however, for now I can
sit in front of the fire place, 
and sip on some hot tea. 
 Snuggled up, it's a cold day!  
It really does feel like winter. 
 I love it! I even got to sleep in...
so wonderful!!!

My motto this year is going to be,
  When Things Go Wrong 
Use Your Seam Ripper!!!  

One of my most favorite tools, 
the seam ripper.   I couldn't
 image not having this tool 
in my sewing box! 
In fact, I believe I own 
eight of!

With this wonderful tool, 
the seam ripper, we can remove 
all those mistakes we've made.  
Carefully, inserting the blade
 underneath the thread to be cut, 
and removing the unwanted 
seam we just stitched, only
to be resewn. 

So why not treat life  
 the same way?  We
accomplish so much each day. 
There is nothing wrong with
allowing our seams to unravel,
to rip them out and be removed.
  Sometimes when we remove 
stitches from our fabric, we 
leave impressions of damage, even 
the fabric of our life may 
be weakened. We can always move
 forward and improve our mistakes 
or better yet, simply start over!

I know we can beat ourselves up
 for messing up. I've done a 
lot in 2015 and I want to 
encourage my readers not to 
take life so serious.  
Have fun with it!
When Things Go Wrong 
Use Your Seam Ripper!!! 

I hope you all have enjoyed this
 post and have been encouraged.
  First, of many to come!  

Let me
know what you think!  
Thank you for stopping by!  
Have a wonderful

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: 
The old has gone, the new is here!