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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just Goofing Around With Numbers!

I came across my pad of 
graph paper while putting 
some books away.

 I decided to goof around 
drawing some numbers.
The best part was I actually 
figured out the cutting 
So far I've only sewn the
 numbers 2-0-1-6!

I have always had a desire to 
sew numbers but, thought of it as
difficult. It really was not 
hard at all.

Using up my scraps!

Once I sew a few more blocks
and get them down, I will
 share them with 
you so you can make 
your own.

I've also been reading other blogs. 
Reading all about their
 goals.  By doing this I've
 actually have added some
new goals to my list.

I've decided to do some
sew alongs so you'll see
them on my next blog. I'll
be grabbing their buttons
and posting the results soon!

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