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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Use It Or Lose It Linky Party #2



Go ahead and grab my button, 
#"Use It Or Lose It, Declutter, 
Get Organized."

Linky Party
May 1st, 2015

My whole desire for this theme
is to help myself and others 
like me, to use what we have stashed
a way in our home. Items like
fabric, books, patterns, clothes, 
beads, cooking items, an old 

How many of us have purchased 
fabric with the hopes of making one
or more quilts.  Maybe, it's those 
cookies from that new cookbook we've 
had for 5 years, or that new 
shape cake pan that has been tucked 
away in the kitchen. 

I own a numerous amount of
 books and apparel patterns 
that need to be used. In order 
to use some of those patterns, 
I can look to see if I
have fabric already in my stash.  
If I do, there is no need for me 
to purchase any fabric.  But, I may 
have to buy a zipper to 
finish up that project. 

Then again it could be those t-shirts
you've been saving to make a t-shirt quilt 
for your special someone.  
There is no reason we can't 
repurpose our items. 

My hopes for this linky party 
is to also give us a chance to 
rethink and really examine the 
items we have. If you're not going
 to use it, then lose it by giving 
those items away or by throwing
 them out.  This will help us to 
declutter and help us feel good about
ourselves. We can help someone 
by giving it away, or we can try 
and sell some stuff and put money back
in to our pocket. It helps us to
 declutter and get better organized.

Now that you know what this 
Linky Party is about, connect 
and share your post, past or present.

Beginning on the first of 

every month you'll be able 

to link up your post during 

the month. 

~ Scroll down and Press the linky 

button and enter your information

 to join the party.

~ Get inspired by visiting some 

or all of those amazing  link ups.

   ~Don't forget to leave a comment, 

and make some new friends by 

inviting them over to your site.

~I'm looking forward to seeing what 
you have to share. 
~Remember, if you have any question,
 please let me know.  

Thank you for stopping by!  
 I'm look forward to being 
inspired by you!!! 

1 Corinthians 14:40
But all things should be done decently
and in order.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Healthy Tortillas With No Oil

My family loves Mexican food 
and those darn tortillas are 
so yummy, it's hard to do 
away with not eating tortillas 
like burritos, tacos, enchiladas 
etc. You know what I mean.  
 For health reason we needed to 
find a no oil tortilla recipe. 

While surfing the net, I came 
across  Oil Free (No Really!) Tortillas by Shella Brouimley

Well, I just had to try them and
 they were delicious!  The texture 
is slight different so I recommend 
you use Bread Flour and not 
Whole Wheat flour.   

I did change the 
#recipe slightly,
 so check out her recipe and 
decide which recipe you'd like to
 follow!  It wasn't a big change.

2 cups Bread Flour  
1/2 tsp Salt
3/4 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 cup milk 
    1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp water 
     Extra flour for kneading and rolling out

Mix flour, salt and baking powder
 together in large bowl. 

In a sauce pan heat up  milk, and
water to warm temperature.

Mix all ingredients together in bowl.  

Spread some flour on to counter and
transfer dough to counter.

Knead for 5 minutes until  smooth,
adding flour as needed if dough sticks.

Place dough back in the same mixing bowl
and cover. Place a towel or plastic wrap.

Rest for 40 minutes to one hour.

Separate the dough into 6-12 balls,
depending on how big you want them.

I believe I got 15 with this batch. 

Sprinkle a bit of flour to keep
the tortillas from sticking to
the rolling pin and counter
top, not much, just a bit.

Roll each ball into a tortilla.
The thickness is up to you,

I like them thin. 

Then place in preheated pan and
cook until you see small bubbles
on top or light brown cooked spots
 when you are about to flip 
over, do not burn. 

Flip over tortilla and wait a 
few seconds before you push down
a spot at a time with a kitchen
towel to allow it to bubble up.

You only need to press down one
or two times.

Place warm tortillas between a
clean kitchen towel to keep warm.

If you don't eat them right
away, allow tortillas to cool
completely before placing them
in a zip lock bag to refrigerator.

** The second time around when I made these tortillas I  used a tortilla press  to flatten them, then I rolled each one out.  You don't need one to make these!!!

Matthew 6:11

Give us today our daily bread.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

#Organize Your Fabric Without It Getting Expensive

With all the fabric you own there is 
a way to organize your fabric 
without spending any 
money!  Yup, no money!  

Besides, a tape measure, a cutter, some tape (I used masking tape), a pen or marker and a piece of sturdy cardboard that measures at least 8" x 11".

Let's get started.

I measured 5 inches across the width
 of the card board. Draw a line
 down, look at photo below.
The remaining width equals 3".  
Measure down 6-1/2 inches and mark line.

You will have one piece measuring 5" x 11", and the other piece will measure 
5" x 6-1/2".  Look at photo below. 

Measure the width and length
 of your piece of fabric.  Any piece of fabric that measures less than 15 inches in length can be folded using the
3" x 6 1/2" piece of cardboard. The piece below measures 9" x 30".

Place the small cardboard on the wrong side of fabric.  Match the edge of 
the fabric with the edge
 of the cardboard and fold length of fabric over as shown below.

Fold short edge over.  I normally don't 
place a piece of tape there.  The fabric would not stay folded while I was taking the picture, so I taped it down.

Continue to fold the fabric snug 
a round the cardboard but not tight!

When I reached the end, I simply 
tucked it under to give 
it a nice finish.

Write down the measurement of the 
fabric on to the piece of tape.
This steps helps you know if you
 will have enough fabric for that 
project you're working on 
without having to unfold it. 
*Awesome time saver.

Remove the cardboard, so that 
you can reuse it.

Continue to fold your smaller fabrics. 

 Repeat steps for your larger pieces of fabric.

Store your fabric by color, my 
designer, or both. You can even 
group all your vintage fabrics together,
all your children prints together and group
your solids together.

This is how I organize my fabric.  
It's been great for me. Measuring out 
each piece of fabric does take
time, but I can look at it and
know whether or not I have 
enough for my project.

 I store my fabric in my closet, away from 
light, and I don't get a lot of dust
 bunnies on my fabric either. 

I hope you
give this a try and let
 me know how it works for you.

1 Corinthians 14:40

But all things should be done decently
and in order.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#DIY Happy Spring Banner For Easter

For Easter I decided to make 
this banner, Happy Spring!!!!

A spool of 4" burlap ribbon
A piece of white paper to make your pattern
Measuring tape or ruler
Heat n Bond
 2" Letter stencils/ 3" Circle 
Fabric scraps (I used 6 different colors)
Black Fabric
Sewing Machine

I used this spool of burlap 
ribbon I purchased on sale at 
Hobby Lobby for $3.40. It's from 
the Robert Stanley Collection.  
 I was going to use the ribbon 
for a baby shower. Instead, I'm 
using it for my banner.

The ribbon is 4 inches wide.

I made a pattern, cutting the 
length 7 inches and the width 4 inches 
(7" L x 4" W)
Mark the center width, 2 inches.
To make the peaks I measured 
1 inch from one end of the pattern 
center and drew lines to each 
edge to make the points.

On the other end I folded the 
edge under 1/2 inch. I cut 12 pieces.
Five for "Happy," and six for "Spring, 
and one for the center space, to 
divide each word.

I gathered up some fabric from 
my stash, I also used black 
fabric. Not shown below.

Pick out some stencils to the size 
and shape you desire.  My 
letters are 2 inches in length, 
width varies according to
each letter.

You'll need some Heat n Bond.

Draw your letters on the smooth side of the Heat n Bond.  
Remember to reverse your letters!!

Follow manufacturer instructions. Press to the wrong side of fabric with a hot iron.  
I used a different fabric for each letter.

Cut around letter.

Then cut around drawn line.

Remove paper to reveal sticky 
film.  Repeat for each letter.

And repeat for each black circles.  Make 11.

I then placed a circle onto the 
burlap ribbon, and then pressed
 the letter on to the circle
 with a hot iron.  Repeat.

I measured my ribbon according to the designed length.  I cut mine 80 
inches, but then realized I 
wanted my banner longer.  So,
 I just added an extra loop
 on either side.  I used a purple 
sheer ribbon that was 5/8 inch 
wide.  Place the ribbon on the 
back side and insert 
under the folded edge and pin.   

When you are happy with the placement, take your banner and sew 1/8 inch on the top edge.

I then made a second sewing stitch 
by placing my presser foot on 
the edge of the first 
sewing line as shown.

On the ends of the ribbon I made 
loops so that I could
 hang my banner.
(Sorry I have no photo.)

He is Risen

Matthew 28:1-10