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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flight / 54-40 Quilt Block

Fabrics from my stash!!!  

I decided to make these quilt blocks 
from fabric I already had. I ended up making four blocks of each color, green, purple and pink, ending up with 12 blocks.  Just got the blocks done. Yeah!!!!

This block is a combination
of an eight pointed star
and four block squares


I haven't had time to sew the
 blocks together.  Once I do, I will
 share my quilt with you!!

I'm excited to see them put together.

Thank you for stopping by!!!

Psalm 100:5a

For the Lord is good and
his love endures forever...


Blanca Acosta said...

I like them all. Especially the pink one.

JoAnn Hyde said...

Very pretty!

Cynthia Woodham said...

Stunning blocks will make a stunning quilt. I look forward to seeing the block altogether.

Linda said...

Beautiful the fabric you have chosen for each!

Ursula Erickson said...

Super cute!