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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Log Cabin Table Top Quilt



I've been busy quilting away on this log cabin quilt.  It's for a gift for my husband's Aunt and Uncle.

The finished quilt measures
25-1/2" x 25-1/2"

I used thirteen different fabrics
from my stash to complete this quilt. 

 The center square is a
barn red color fabric, which you 
won't see on the strips below, 
but you will see the 
red square on the examples 
following the strips.  Each strip
was cut 1-3/4" wide by the
length of fabric.  Depending on
the length of your fabric you 
may have to cut two or three
strips of some fabrics.

I find it helpful to lay out the strips in
the order you will be sewing them. 
Center block- red
2 light color fabrics
2 darker color fabrics
2 light color fabrics
2 darker color fabrics
Repeat with 2 light and then 2 dark
fabrics if you desire your block
to be larger.

I started with a 1-3/4" 
square.  Cut one square
for each block you plan on making.
I have nine log cabin blocks, so I cut
 nine red squares.

I took the next strip and placed
my red squares right sides
together and sewed a quarter inch  
seam allowance.

Trim to 1-3/4" square and press 
open. Add the next 1-3/4" strip.

Working counter-clockwise around the
center square, continue adding strips

Finished block 5-1/2" square.

Arrange your blocks to your 
liking and sew blocks
together. Your block should
measure 15-1/4" x 15-1/4".

I added two borders. Measure 
your quilt to get the proper size
of your quilt. The first
border (dark green) I cut
strips 1-3/4" wide by the length
of the fabric and attached
them to the top and then
to the bottom.  Next you will
 add the side border. 

My next border I cut 5-1/2" wide 
strips by the length of the 
fabric, and sewed them just like 
the first border. 

Sandwich your quilt together, backing,
batting and top.  Safety pin
or baste quilt to prepare
it for top stitching.  Remove
any safety pins you come
close to while top stitching.

Here you see me top stitching 
the quilt. Remove safety pins
as you top stitch.

Add your binding. Make a label for 
your quilt and it's ready to go.

Psalam 143:5
I remember the days of old;
 I meditate on all that you have done; 
I ponder the work of your hands.


Greg Hill said...

I think your Log Cabin Quilt turned out Beautiful Nina. Ihave always love quilts. I don't have the time to put into one but I sure have the time to enjoy the creativity that a person has to make one. Very nice.
Greg Hill
If you have the chance please check out my community on G+.

inchworming said...

Thank you Greg! I will check out your community on G+. I appreciate your comment! Have a wonderful day!