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Monday, August 17, 2015

Never To Late - Dream and Push Forward

When I first starting blogging, 
my first post was titled, 
"Never to Late!"

I still believe that today!  
Whether you are a year or four 
years older when you first 
dreamed of starting a blog,  
thought about learning how 
to paint, 
maybe, it's running 
a marathon or just 
learning to sew!  Start  
your dream, your new venture,
 your hearts desire and 
push forward.

Yes, our bodies are getting older
 and you may not be able 
to finish the race running
 but, you and me both can 
still walk toward the 
finish line.  

This list of goals and desires
 would be part of your bucket 
list.  You may call it what 
ever moves you towards 
those ventures you dream of 
doing and hope to accomplish.  

For me, I had already started 
writing, but I allowed fear 
to enter in.  That fear only put a 
halt to my writing!  
Then one day I met 
a sweet lady, in a sewing class. 
 We had never 
met before until that day.  
She met up with me a few weeks
 later and gave me some words 
of wisdom and words of encouragement.
 Those words of encouragement
 and the sweet voice of my 
son saying, "Just keep
 writing, Mom," really made 
the fear subside.  

Even now I have others 

telling me to keep writing!
I know you have those that
believe in you!  
So, if others believe you can, 
why is it so hard for us to 
take that belief and transform 
it into some thing real? 
Many of us think
 we can't but we really can!!!!

Don't forget to be an
encouragement to others
as well.  

Most of all, don't listen to those
that turn their nose on you!
They are the rocks that  
get in your path and try
to get you to stumble and fall.
They want your dreams to 
wither away. 


Remember you can do it! You have 
it in you! Keep your dreams 
alive by taking baby steps
 or big giant leaps. 
It's Never To Late to live
 out your dreams and make 
them reality! 

Just keep at it!

He Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time
Ecclesiastes 3:11



strikesmyfancy said...

What an encouraging post! I'm so happy for you that you met a kind person to hear the words you needed to hear. This reminded me of an old saying, "The teacher will appear, when the student is ready." Thanks for sharing and keep on Writing!!

inchworming said...

I never heard of that saying but it's one to remember!!! Thanks for your comment and I hope your day is great!

Natasha Bernard said...

Very inspirational and encouraging post. Keep on keeping on dear and thanks for visiting the blog. Peace, Love & Blessings!

Eden Hensley Silverstein said...

Love this! All too often we let fear prevent us from continuing to do what we love or even from starting. Thank you for sharing encouragement.

P Bishop said...

Great! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing! It made my day!!!

Jill C said...

Thanks for the encouragement to pursue our heart's desire! So glad you were able to get past your fears and write/blog, thanks!!

Madame Dream said...

Sometimes you don't know what you need to hear until you hear it! Thanks for your very encouraging words. I'm new to the blogging world and I have wanted to blog for a very long time. Post like these make me happy I started blogging. I also encourage you to keep doing what u do and thanks for sharing!

Amber Harrop said...

We all need encouragement every now and then and I loved this post thank you for sharing it Nina x

Pawan Bahuguna said...

Very true, its never too late to start anything.

The Life Of Faith said...

So encouraging! Thank you for sharing :)

Diane Roark said...

Thank you so much for these encouraging words. You are really talented. I hope you keep writing and blogging forever. I know God gives us talents, but we all doubt it when we have been discouraged so many times. I needed these kind words.

Blessings Always,
Diane Roark

Anne Asplin said...

What an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing - I may have to bookmark so I can come back to it when needed. :)

Joseph Benjamin Stewart said...

Beautiful and encouraging post! Timely reminder.

Krystal Gregory said...

I love this! You are never too late for anything

Lorna McMahon said...

Sew glad you did not give up, Nina! And thank you for such an encouraging post!