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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Opps Computer Not Working So What Do You Do!

Today was suppose to be my second 
Linky Party for Use It Or Lose It.

Post what you've been doing with what 
you already have, from your stash 
or stuff around the house.  
Remember you can add to it with some purchased items if needed, so that 
you can finish your project.  

But my computer is out of commission
 because I happened to be drinking
 coffee and oops I tipped the cup
 over and it, yup, spilled over 
on to the key board and now my 
computer is not working.


So here I am using another lap top.
  I'm limited to what I can do 
at the moment.  So save your projects
 or keep working on new ones and we will start up again on April 1, 2015. No 
April Fools here. 
 Thank you all.  

From this accident I've been thinking.  
What can we do so that we can 
continue to work on our blogs 
when accidents happen. Pull out your
 hair, hmmm, no! Borrow one from 
a friend, or family member.
I guess you can go to the library 
and use their computer but I don't know 
how safe that would be. You can use
your Smart phone, keep your 
blogs simple. Otherwise,
you keep writing using paper and pen.
When you get your computer back, 
your ready to blog.
One, we really need to backup 
our computers. Not just in the 
cloud but with a disk so that 
we can transfer important 
items back on to our 
computers once its up and 
running. You can use an internal 
drive. I know you've heard
 it a thousand times, but its so true.

You just never believe it's going
 to happen to you and when it does 
your world seems to fall apart and
 you get in a state of panic.  
Unless you have another computer 
with all the information you have 
on your main computer, I hate
 to say it, but you're screwed.  

Once I get my computer back and
 running or purchase a new one, 
I hope not, although it would be great,
 I will be backing it all up.  
Images are priceless and you can't 
get them back once their gone 
unless you've share them with 
others.  Images I use continually on my 
blog will be placed on a disk. 
 That way I can pop that disk 
in any computer and download on 
to my blog.

Other programs back up your material
for you, but make sure it's up
 to date before you log out!

Another idea, that comes to mind
 is to work on having a few extra
 blogs ready to go in the event 
this happens or life takes some
 unexpected turns. Have those extra 
blogs in draft mode. That way you have
 no hiccups or few weeks out
 without blogging, which I miss!!
It's all so sad. 

So what do you do in the mean
time. Remember you can borrow a 
computer and keep blogging with 
or with out photos.
Keep moving forward, 
inchworming your 
way through it.

If any of you have had this happen,
 please leave me a comment and 
share your experience 
and your solutions.

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13 


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