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Friday, April 11, 2014

Walk on the Wild Side or ?

Today I kept hearing  it was National Sibling Day!  
But actually that was yesterdays news.

 I went on line and discovered I could download 
an app on my phone (checkiday).   I was curious 
to see what I could celebrate tomorrow,  
April 12, 2014! This is what I found.

     Big Wind Day  -  On April 12, 1934, it was recorded 
to be the highest wind speed in the whole
world.  Mount Washington Observatory 
 made this recording of 231 miles per
   hour.  Pretty crazy!!!

      Drop Everything and Read Day  - best know as D.E.A.R! 
                  This   day was created to honor Beverly 
               Cleary's birthday who wrote, Ramona Quimby
Age 8. You can read more about it 
here Read!

      National Grilled Cheese  Sandwich Day  -  I love 
grilled cheese sandwiches!! I can honestly say
 I'll be making and eating myself a
 Grilled Cheese Sandwich!  Check out 
      Beverly's Blog at A Night Owl  she has 25 
amazing recipes for grill cheese!

      National Licorice Day -  From what I've been
 reading on line, true licorice is black.  Red and 
     any other color is not true licorice! 

      Russian Cosmonaut Day  -  This day celebrates 
the first human in space made in 1961 by
       Russian Yuri Gagarin.  Read more 

      Walk on Your Wild Side Day -  I don't know how 
this day came to be but I like it! I'll have to 
   sleep on this one!  Have any ideas, please share!

What's your favorite grilled cheese?  How will
you celebrate your wild side? 


Jacqueline said...

Everyday is "Walk on the Wild Side Day" for me ;) I assume it means doing something out of the ordinary, possibly something that scares you....amybe playing hookie and cheating on your diet lol. I'm not on a diet, but if I was, this would be the day to live a little :)

You Made My Day said...

I didn't know that kind of app existed, thanks for the info, I love it!

inchworming said...

Hi Jacqueline! I love all your ideas! Think I'll cheat on my diet and buy a bottle of! I'm not a drinker but a glass of wine never hurt anyone!

inchworming said...

@You Made My Day! It's pretty cool! I can honestly say you made my day too with your comment!! Thanks!

Maanne Lopez said...

Our team went out to eat and we took a photo while crossing the street. Done and still have 8 seconds before the traffic lights go green.

inchworming said...

Haha! Love it!

Ananya Tales said...

I didn't know about that app, Thanks !