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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY Stenciled Bunny Placemats

Here you have my cute stenciled bunny placemats.  Just in time for Easter. You should give these a try.  They are super easy!!!

  I found these colorful placemats at my local Dollar Store

To make these cute placements all you need: 
ready made placemats, acrylic paint,  a paper plate, a sponge brush, a stencil (I made the one you see by drawing a bunny free hand on thick stock paper.  You can find images on line. Also, a pair of scissors if you need to cut your stencil out and a pencil to draw your image! Don't forget to cover your surface with paper so it doesn't steep through to your counter.  

Draw and cut out your stencil.
Here's my cut out stencil!  Position your stencil on your placemat

Squeeze some paint onto your paper plate!  Dip your sponge brush into the paint.  Holding the stencil with one hand and lightly moving your brush up and down to paint in the stencil with you other hand.  You can tape your stencil down, but I didn't find it necessary!

Here you go a painted bunny!

Use different colors to paint your bunnies!  Super easy craft!!

While looking on the web for  ideas, I came a cross a blog,   Katie from View From the Fridge!  She inspire me to stencil something.  So I made some stenciled bunny placemats.  Thanks Katie!

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