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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

14 Days of Pampering For Valentine's Day-Part 2

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I hope you all have begun to pamper yourselves to a more beautiful you. I know Days 1-4 may not seem like pampering, but it really is. Just adding a few more glasses of water to your day helps your skin hydrate, glow, and can slow down your skin from wrinkling! I alway picture the desert, that dry cracking surface. That's our skin without water! Yeck! Water also helps us from getting tried, helps with our digestion and helps our body to get rid of toxins much easier. It's not to late to start!!! When you step out of the shower or tub, lotion up! This helps lock in the moisture.  Moisturizing will also give you glowing skin, prolonging those wrinkles!! 

Ready for days 5-14! 

Some of your days will be different, but you can swap it with another day!!! 

Day   5      It's color your hair day!!! Some of you will get your hair
                  colored and cut on the same day.  I need two days.   
                  Follow the instructions on the box.   Here's a really great 
                  YouTube link I came across while searching for 
                  examples. I know some of you haven't colored your hair
                  before but this video How to Color (dye) Your Hair like 
                  in a Salon, at Home!  makes it easy. It can get a little
                  messy.  So I flip my bathroom rug over, wrong side up.
                  Use one small towel for clean up,  another
                  regular sized towel for when you rinse your hair out.
                  Use old towels.   While waiting for your hair to set,
                  make yourself some herbal tea and relax!   

Day  6       It's cut your hair day! If you already had your hair cut
                 you can play with your hair and try out different hair
                 styles! I always find it great to cut your hair at least a
                 week before a special occasion! I've had my bangs cut a
                 little to short and if any oops happen, it gives you time to
                 adjust and figure out how you will style your hair.
                 Continue drinking extra water and moisturize your skin
                 at least twice or more a day! 

 Day  7     Figure out your plans for Valentine's Day! Will it be
                causal or dressy? Will you be cooking or buying? If 
                you're doing the asking, its time to ask that special
                Valentine! You married girls, why not do the asking!
                My husband loves it when I ask him out on a date and 
                do the planning! If it's going to be you and the kids, ask
                them to be your Valentine! 

                Now that you've figured out what you will be doing on
                Valentine's, plan out your outfits for the big day! Lay 
                your clothes out on the bed, shoes too! Try them on,
                make sure everything fits. Pull out a casual look and a
                dressy look, if you're not sure! Do the same for your
                children. Planning early will allow time to shop for
                something new. It gives you time to sew something
                new, like a new scraf to jazz up that outfit. 

Part of pampering yourself is to be less stressed. Being kind to yourself and getting organized helps the day go smooth. Most of us live busy lives.  When we're nice to ourselves, it reflects on our attitude.  Remember you're beautiful and be kind to yourself.  Let your little girls join in!

Day  8    Get your nails done!  Always start
               with your feet! Soak
               your feet in the tub or in a
               basin,  large enough to fit both
               feet. You can use special
               soaking soap.  I like using
               bubble bath or body wash gel
               soap.  Just squeeze a little into
               warm water and soak your
               feet for 10-15 minutes. 
               Here's a tutorial on how to 
               Pedicure:  How to Give 
               Yourself a pedicure

Here's a great video on how to give yourself a manicure

if you don't know how!  Check it out!

Please leave me a comment and if you have any questions, please fill free to ask!!!  Thank you!  Tune in for Day 9-14!!  

If you missed Days 1-4: 
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*Photos are from Pinterest!  Tutorials are not my own! I do not know these people but found them informational for this blog!


14 Days of Pampering for Valentine's Day and Great Ideas- Part 1

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