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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Signed Wedding Quilt

On February 8th of this year, I finally finished our #wedding #quilt!  It has been two years!

Our anniversary was February 12th!  

Instead of a guest book, my husband and I decided we would love every one of our guest, friends and family, to sign a square of fabric!  Well, we couldn't be  happier to keep them all near to our hearts. This quilt represents all the love we felt on that day!!!  My husband and I would like to thank all our guest for being a part of our day!

My girlfriend, Ursula, prepared the fabric by first pre washing it.  Next, she pressed the fabric and pressed a light fabric stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric. 

This makes it easy to write on.  I purchased fabric markers in different colors.  Each guest wrote on a square.  Later, I pressed each signed block, just to lock in the ink.

#Happy Anniversary to my husband and I!

I welcome your comments and any questions you may have!


Carrie's Quilt's said...

wow! Beautiful what pen did they use to write there notes on! im getting married soon i would love to have a quilt like this someday with guests list words of encourage ment or congrats,!! its beautiful !

inchworming said...

Thanks Carrie! The fabric markers I used were fabric markers by Sharpie! Congratulations on your up coming wedding! Please post a picture on my Facebook page of your quilt. Would love to see it!

Anonymous said...

This quilt is beautiful and such a great idea! What a great keepsake!

Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

inchworming said...

Yes, Navy Wifey Peters! I just love it! Just image we almost went with our guest signing! No joking!