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Monday, June 1, 2015

My #Vintage Sewing Machines

I thought for this post I would share some of my #vintage sewing machines.  Some I have information on and others I need to dig deeper and do more research.

A few years ago I inherited a Singer sewing machine that my dear Mother-in-law gave me. This machine is very special to me for that

Upon doing some research I discovered the year of my machine, 1910. It's in good condition and it comes with a few accessories.  I have not sewn on it, tested it yes, and it does work! It does need
some loving care which I've started to do.  

This next machine is a hand crank sewing machine. I received it from a dear friend of the family. I was so excited to receive it, but I didn't have any information on this cute machine. I thought it might be a Singer dating back from 1861.  But it does not say Singer any where on the machine.  The plate reads Beste Machine Der Welt Gesetzlugh Geschutzt.  Most likely it's from Germany.  The model number on the machine is 44191.  So if anyone has information about this machine, I would appreciate it.

My last machine to share  is a Singer Featherweight. I purchased this machine when I first started to quilt. I would take it along with me to classes and I just love it. My featherweight was manufactured in Scotland in 1949, because the prefix starts with the letter E.  If your machine starts with an A it was manufactured in the USA. 


Some great information that I gathered came from these web-sites.  Check them out!


I'm just learning more about all of these 
machines. How to care for them and what products are best to use to restore them.
You can even order parts for these
  vintage machines. 

I actually own a few more vintage sewing machines, not shown. I'll save them for a future post.

I understand I won't be using all of these machines. So once I get them cleaned up,
I plan on showing them off around the house.

Allow others to enjoy them too. 

If you own any #vintage sewing machine(s), please share

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whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.



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