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Monday, January 12, 2015

Dry Your Own Chives


How many of you love chives?  
I know I do!  They are low 
in calories and they give food 
a hint of sweet onion flavor.  
They are great on baked potatoes,
 mashed potatoes, soups, 
salads and much more.  I do
prefer them fresh but when
I can't use them fresh, they are 
great dry.

As I cleaned a small area in 
the garden I noticed some
 chive plants that needed to 
be trimed.  I took my kitchen shears 
and cut down the plants 
to 1-2 inches.  I decided
 I was going to dry them.

Any of you who always wanted 
to dry your own chives, 
here is now I did it.   

Take your washed chives and 
gently dry them. Remember to remove 
any dead or unhealty ones. Trim 
them about 1/4" with shears or a knife.

Spread the cut chives evenly on the trays 
of your food dehydrator. Dry them at
 a temperator no more
 than 100 degrees for a couple hours.
It may be longer or take a shorter time,
 so please check them after the first 
hour and 30 minutes thereafter.

Once dry, allow them to 
cool for 15 minutes. 
 Remove chives from

Place them on paper towels or 
some wax paper. Then place them
in containers.  They are ready to use.

There are other methods of drying chives.

Most people will bunch them up, 
tie them and insert them in a paper
 bag and hang them to dry. 
Once dry, crumble and 
place in a container.  I find
 this method a little messy 
once they dry. 

You can place them in an 
oven on a cookie sheet or 
baking dish.  Dry them whole 
or slice them about 1/8"
 at the lowest oven setting 
for a few hours.  Don't forget
to wash and dry before you 
place them in the
oven to dry. 

I've heard of drying chives in 
the microwave, but I've
 never used this method.

How do you dry your chives?  

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