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Monday, March 31, 2014

Organizing One Room At A Time !

Clutter, clutter, clutter!  Who doesn't have clutter?  A messy drawer, a pile of shoes, a over stuffed closet, a pile of papers or  to much fabric/crafting materials!  I have plenty of the above and going into April 2014, it's time to take control of the clutter!  

I have way to much stuff and it's time to purge.  Spring cleaning is a great time to start! April 1st, 2014, is a great time to start organizing a room, a closet, or a drawer.  This is No April Fools joke!!!!  Whatever room you decide to start with let  today be the day! 

Before you start, I have a new method of organizing and I'm excited to share it!  It might seem a little crazy but I do think it'll work.

I counted how many rooms I have in my home, adding the back/front yard and garage in the count. They are part of the house.  Although my husband does maintain both the front and back yard, I enjoy gardening and spending time outside.  These areas  always need some girly touches like new planted flowers! 

Say you have 5 bedrooms, 2 bath, the kitchen, the living room , the family room, laundry room, garage, front and backyard.  That gives me 14 separate sections.   Yes, it's a big challenge but you really do need to  start somewhere and someday on this crazy desire of organizing!  

If you want to have your house put together in a year and you have more sections then 12, you will have to combine a few rooms together.  For example, I know I can get both bathrooms done plus the laundry room organized within the same month. That cuts the 14 sections down to 11 sections or months.  Being my husband takes care of the yard work, I know that it will only take me one month to do what I need to do to both the front and back yard.  I can start working on my gardening! I might even be able to start on another room within that month. So now its 10 sections to complete! You can take a couple of months off to enjoy the holidays!  Or one month for the holidays and one month during the summer.

Remember to look at what months just are out of the question to organize.  Maybe you travel and are out of town on certain months.  You can either combine rooms or just carry the organizing on to the new year.  Just make it work for you without going crazy!  So it takes you 15 months to get the house in order, who cares has long as it's getting done.  You might have great intentions to get done in a year but life happens and sometimes you just need to let it happen!  No need to stress about it.

If you want you can get your calendar out and think about what months you want to do certain rooms!  Then start marking your calendar.  November/December are busy month.  Summer  time is not a busy month for me.   So pick easy rooms to clean and organize for those months that you know will be crazy busy!  

Remember some things you have no control over.  I have no control on what happens on my husbands side of the bed.  Yes, I can pick up his socks and put away his shoes, but he doesn't want me to, so I don't.  Well, okay now and then I do, but more often then I do, he does his own picking up.

Now there are a few rules you must follow:

1.  Only do one section at a time.

2.  One room at a time.

3.  Include the family in this new venue, when possible!

4.  Allow free days.  Reality is you won't be able to tackle
     something each day!  Life is unpredictable!
     I work full time and some days I'm simply to tired to tackle

5.  Make your three piles:

                         DONATE - (You must give this pile 
                         away before starting a new room)

                         SELL - (Have a yard sale, sell on eBay, 
                         Etsy, or your Community FB page)

                         KEEP - (This pile must be put away
                         in it's new home before you start a
                         new room)

What room will you start first?????

                            He Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time.  
                                                     Ecclesiastes 3:11 


Barbara Laurince said...

Thanks +inchworming, this is the motivation that I need to get things done.

inchworming said...

Hi Barbara!! I've been procrastinating too! So I'm making myself accountable with this! Glad to see this has motivated you!!! Have a great day!

Natasha Mairs said...

I so need to start my spring cleaning!! I'd start on my bedroom as that's the messiest

Jessica said...

Great post and perfect for spring cleaning! I love the idea of one room at a time. I think I'll start with my bedroom.

inchworming said...

That's awesome! Let me know how it goes!! I'm starting in the living room! It's the first room people see when they come in!

Amber Harrop said...

I am in the middle of decluttering too thanks for the motivation to get it finished.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I have clutter. I been working on my shed/barn. Went though all the shelves and either donate or toss out.
Now I'm going though it and going to have a yard sale.
Thanks for stopping by and coffee is on

inchworming said...

@pepperlady & Amber! Feels good to declutter and donating or even sell! Thanks for stopping by!!

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

I like this plan, Nina! Certainly makes it a lot less overwhelming than tackling random spots all over the house with little success : )

inchworming said...

Hi Sarah! This mention works for me! I hope it'll work for most if not all of those trying to get their house in order! ;0)