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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Patch Up A Pair of Jeans With A Mini Quilt Block!

Patch up a pair of jeans with
 a mini-quilt block patch square! 

 All you need is a few scraps of fabric
and some heat'n bond lite.  Oh, and
of course, a pair of holy jeans.

Here's the hole on my pair of jeans! 

I've selected my fabric.  

I cut one inch strips from each fabric.

As you'll 
see below, I decided to use 
the floral and solid fabric and
leave out the stripe fabric.

Place the two strips right 
sides together, sew 1/4" seam 
allowance and press.

From the sewn strips, cut six 1" 
strips as shown. Unless you need
more to cover a larger area.  
Place them how you want the 
block to look.

Begin to assemble your block.

This is what the block looks
like form the back once sewn
and pressed.  I ended up with a
twelve-patch block. You may only
need to make a nine-patch block.

You'll need some Heat'n bond.  It's lite
so the area where your placing the
patch won't be to stiff.

Cut one piece of heat'n bond the
same size as your patch.  

Also, cut one scrap of fabric a
little larger than your patch.


Place your heat'n bond, rough size 
down on wrong side of patch block, 
and press. Follow
manufacturing instructions.  


  Once pressed, remove paper
 and you're left 
with a film on wrong side of fabric. 


Place your backing against film side
of block, (this would be the wrong
side of patch).

Trim your block.  Now you can 
place your patch block over the
hole or

underneath the hole.

I decided to place the patch
over the hole.  First sew 
all around patch.  Remove from
sewing machine and check that the 
patch is laying down flat and 
you have no puckers.

Once your patch is where you want it, 
sew around patch with a statin stitch.

 There you have it.  Show off your
quilting on your jeans and make
it pretty!!!  This is great for  
kids clothes, as well as adults
clothes. You don't need to make a
9-12 patch block.  You can use
your favorite block pattern.  Just
remember to make it in a mini form
so you can show it off!

*You may have to remove the side seam of 
your jeans to sew in the patch, depending
where your hole is located.   
I was able to sew on the patch
with out removing side seam.

Thanks for stopping by!

Psalm 100:5a
For the Lord is good and
his love endures forever...

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Lorna McMahon said...

This is a brilliant idea!