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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Recap!!


Happy New Year!!!  

Before I continue with 2015 I'd 
like to recap this past year 
with a few words.  It's been a 
blessed year with 
a few bumps in the road.  
After an injury at work, I was 
able to return back to 
work, start my blog, 
and have some great followers.  
Also,  there was the birth of 
my second grandchild, yeah!


I had to take a step back from 
blogging due to a major bump 
in my husband's health. 

seem to be getting back to normal.
  Due to all the distractions good 
and bad, I may have to change 
the name of my blog.  I will 
know in a week or two.

For now it will remain the same. I
 would like to thank all my followers. 
 I'm so grateful for all of you!  
To all of you who have commented
 and/or #1 my post, thank you from the 
bottom of my heart!!! I look 
forward to making new 
friends, posting and reading 
more post!  
Let's get creative!!!   

Wishing you all a blessed, 
a healthy and a  
prosperous  year!!!!

Welcome 2015!!!

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new 
creation; the old has gone, the new has come!


Agy Lee said...

Happy new year! Glad to hear that everything is getting back on track :-)

inchworming said...

Thank you Agy Lee!

Dana Goodman said...

Happy New Year too you! Your grandbaby is beautiful. I pray God lavishes his love on you and your family in 2015.

CouponGal (Andi) said...

the grandchild is SO cute! :D

inchworming said...

Thank you Dana! Appreciate your blessings. Like wise to you and yours.

inchworming said...

@CouponGal! I think so too, lol!!! She really is a bundle of cutiness!!!

Joy Candrian said...

Congratulations on the granddaughter! Also, good luck with health issues & happy sewing in 2015!