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Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY-Painted Family Tree

For sometime now I've been wanting to paint a tree in the hall way of my house.  I finally got the nerve to do it.  

I simply used acrylic paints, and it actually turned out really nice.  The pictures you see in the photos are a few of the  ones  I had hanging before the tree.   


If you want to paint a tree, have no fear!  It's only paint and you can paint over it!

First, look on line to get a feel of what type of tree you want.

Second, decide where you want to paint your tree.  Do you want to paint the tree in the center of the wall, to the right, or to the left; how big, or small, etc. Also, what room of the house you want the tree in.  I have a girlfriend who wants to paint one in her daughter's room.

Then pencil an outline of your tree onto the wall.  I drew my tree on the left side of the wall.  I used a ruler to draw the  trunk of the tree just to make sure it was straight.

Third,  paint  the tree with two different colors of brown paint.  It didn't take much paint which I was really surprised.  I found I had to dip the tip of my brush with some water to smooth it out on the wall.  My tree is very simply.  It dried fairly quick. 



 Paint your leaves and hang your pictures!!

I'm in love with my wall.  Who knows I just might paint a few more leaves and branches on the right side of the same wall.  

Hope you will give this idea a try and if you do, please post your pictures of your wall!  I would love to see them.  Because I really do love trees.

He Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time.  
Ecclesiastes 3:11  


Shannon Leparski said...

What a cute idea! So creative and adds a nice touch to your picture wall :)

Sara said...

This is amazing! My trees never turn out that well.

I love the idea though for the family tree to hang pictures of family and extended family. :-)

inchworming said...

Thank you!