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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Easy to Do-DIY Chalkboard Frame Craft

I've been wanting to make a chalkboard frame for months.  I see them around everywhere!  So a week before Christmas, I went over to Michael's Craft Store and picked up a few supplies for my chalkboard frame.
You will need: wire ribbon (about 40 inches)
scissors (not your good scissors)   
wood glue
paint (your choice of color) I used black or keep it natural 
sponge brush
chalkboard paint (your choice of color) I used black
wood (at least 1/2" larger then frame whole
tape measure (not shown)
chalk to write on board

  First, I measured my frame and piece of wood.  Cut your piece of wood to fit the back. On the frame you see below it's 1/2" larger then the opening of the frame because I didn't want the board to show on the front size because of the holes in the frame. If you purchase your board at Lowe's, they will cut your board for free.  Michael's had the right size I needed, no cutting was necessary.

Next paint your board with Chalkboard Paint and let it dry 1 hour between coats, I did 3 coats.  The last coat, let dry over night (Follow manufacture's instructions).  Also, paint your frame with whatever color you desire.  I used Folk Art outdoor acrylic paint in black just because that is what I had.  In the examples below you will see that I left the frame natural, you could paint a clear on to it. Further down you will see other examples in different colors.

The next day, bead a line of wood glue around the edge of board (not to much or it will bleed to the front).

Front side-lay the frame over glued board. If you get glue on the right side, wipe immediately with a damp cloth.

Back Side- use books to weigh it down to help it dry overnight!

Here's a smaller frame in natural. I wanted the black to show on the front, so board was cut a little smaller then frame.

(Example in black)

(Example in white) The black frame is underneath it.

Take your ribbon and cut to desired length.  I cut mine 40".

Run ribbon through holes.

Tie knots on either side.

Make bows and tie again, so ribbon won't come undone.

Write your message!

Hang and enjoy!!!

I hope you give this craft a try.  It was fun and I just love my new chalkboard frame!!!  Please post pictures of your frames.  I would love to answer any questions you may have, so please ask!

May you and yours have a happy, prosperous, and fun filled year!  Happy New Year 2014!

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